Posted: March 27, 2011 in WEBAF GREETINGS

President: GM Guillermo O. Taboada

GM Guillermo O. Taboada

“Gm. Bobby”

As President of the Federation, my goal is to reunite and restore the friendship and brotherhood in the Balintawak community. Although we have only a few Grandmasters, including myself, who are actively promoting the Art of Balintawak, it has already become known throughout the World. It is my fond hope that every practitioner, especially the new generation, will do their part in helping promote the Art.


Vice-President: GM Nicomedes A. Elizar

“Gm. Nick”

Hopefully we, the founding members of WEBAF Inc., will continue on to more successful activities in promoting our FMA Arnis/Eskrima throughout the whole world, especially the Balintawak Style. Keep up the good work and service for a better world to live in.

Grand Master – World Nickelstick Eskrima


Gen.Secretary: GM Maxino Caballes M.A.

“Gm. Max”

The legacy of Balintawak Style never stops from generation to next generation. But this time, the world is looking forward to this WEBAF Inc. Let unity, respect, honesty, loyalty, and justice for all be observed from the Balintawak Family. Let’s keep serving our fellow man, produce good and quality leaders for the world. Congratulations!

Grand Master – Arnis de Caballes


Treasurer: Mayor Butch Sepulveda

“Dodong Butch”

I am very pleased and honored to be a part of making WEBAF Inc. into reality. Hopefully this Federation could be used as an exponent in promoting the practice of the Art – Arnis Balintawak Style and in fostering an avenue of camaraderie for the lovers of the Art. Balintawak has gone a long way since I started learning the Art in 1971 in the “Parian” residence of the late Grandmaster Teofilo Velez. Through the years in the practice of Balintawak, I have cultivated a wealth of brotherhood, friendship and memories of the people I have met along the way.

I look forward to working with my fellow officers in promoting the Art.

Mabuhay ang Balintawak!


Auditor: MI Oliver Maguyon

“M.I. Oliver”

With the creation of WEBAF – World Eskrima Balintawak Arnis Federation, Inc., I pray for the revival of the true camaraderie among the groups, so that for the next and future generations, the training will not be intended only for self-defense and fighting, but also to develop within oneself the virtue of HUMILITY and SELF-DISCIPLINE. We will all then be assured of rasing good leaders who will direct the group to unending UNITY.


PRO: GM Teofilo Roma

“Gm. Piloy”

I hope that this Federation brings a good program to our followers in Balintawak and produces good leaders for the whole world.
Teovel’s Balintawak Self Defense Club Inc.


Sgt. At arms: M.I. Ben Jayma

“M.I. Ben”

I wish for unity for the entire family of Balintawak, to continue doing good for each other, and to have peace throughout the whole world.
Master – Ben Jay-Ma’s Balintawak Arnis International Inc.