History of WEBAF Inc.


It was late in the evening during the Despedida Party for Grandmaster Guillermo O. Taboada known to the World as GM Bobby at the place of Mayor Bernard “Dodong Butch” Sepulveda the practice area of World Nickelstick Estrima Club Balintawak Style led by Gm. Nicomedes A. Elizar. Thursday, December 4, 2009 at around 8:00 pm after the delicious supper of old favorites delicacies like “Litsong Baboy”, Sinugbang Isda ug Nocos with Dinugo-an, Puso, Patis, and Suka. The flow of Cold Light Beer’s and a Coke for all, the address is 11. Gov. M. Cuenco, Ave. Banilad, Cebu City, 6000 Philippines.

Mayor Bernard Sepulveda broke the silence by calling the attention of Gm. Bobby, Gm. Nick, Gm. Eddie, Gm. Teofilo, Gm. Max, Master Benjamin, the students from USA, France and Dr. Ben Marapao, you know gentlemen; I call your attention because of our experience with Senator Miguel Zubiri, who share to us 1 Million Pesos for group known RONDEO Inc. promoting our Horse Activities for our City to Provinces. You know we have our reunion every once a year for Balintawak Group. We share and talking a language with Balintawak, what if we make this group a real one for unity and services for all people in this world like RONDEO Inc. What is your idea Gm. Bobby? You know one day all of us will pass away and its better to have a legal Non-Stock and Non-Profit Organization, so our successors will continue our vision, mission to help the members of our group. Let’s make this group into a FEDERATION.

GM. BOBBY, I have no problem with that, what I want also is all unity, have Peace and help those who need help. Gm. Teofilo, that’s very good idea Pre, refer to Mayor Dodong Butch, we can also help the Balintawak Club and their children. In making the FEDERATION for BALINTAWAK GROUP is not an easy task, but in behalf of my family and brothers with Dr. Ben Marapao, I will give my BIG SUPPORT in making this FEDERATION successful by GM Eddie. GM. Nick who will be the future members of this FEDERATION? As of today, its an ADHOC Committee first, then this committee will work for the FEDERATION. Its Club shall give or send only (1) one representative for the FEDERATION Mayor Bernard said. In the case of Gm. Max Caballes of Arnis de Caballes Style with World Nickelstick Eskrima Club Balintawak Style of University of Cebu Arnis Team, he will be the representative of his group. Gm. Max is presently the DepEd Region 7 Commisssioner for Arnis Philippines, President for VISMIN officiating officials. I’m Inn for the Balintawak Group Federation as soon as we can help others according to Master Benjamin Jayma. We will send Master Oliver Mag-uyon for our Club as representative according to Gm. Eddie and Dr. Ben Marapao. So, let’s elect or appoint somebody for ADHOC Committee:


President               :       Gm. Guillermo O. Taboada       “Gm. Bobby”

Vice-President      :       Gm. Nicomedes A. Elizar          “ Gm. Nick”

Gen. Secretary      :       Gm. Maximo C. Caballes           “ Gm. Max”

Treasurer               :       Mayor Bernard A. Sepulveda    “ Dodong Butch”

Auditor                 :       Master Oliver Mag-uyon            “ Master Oliver”

PRO                      :       Gm. Teofilo V. Roma                “Gm. Piloy”

Sgt. At Arms         :       Master Benjamin Z. Jayma        “Master Ben”

Since the time was so late already, I ask for excuse and promise the group that I am going to prepare the SEC papers. Mayor Bernard clearly mentioned that for any expenses as of this time he will take charge for it, just present the record for the group. Appointed ADHOC Dec. 5, 2009 Friday, we will finish this work or task at my office, meeting for ADHOC at 2 PM tomorrow.

December 5, 2009, Friday as early the birds, I go immediately to the SEC office of inquiry, guidelines in the making of FEDERATION and BUY the necessary papers worth P550.00 then do some proposal of names and logos for the group. During the meeting the following proposal names of the group are:

WEBAF- World Eskrima Balintawak Arnis Federation

WABEF- Worlds Arnis Balintawak Eskrima Federation

WBAEF- World Balintawak Arnis Eskrima Federation

in blessing we run the meeting smoothly, the SEC Manila approved all the proposal name with Inc. at the last of name. And finally we humbly accept the WEBAF Inc. as the official name of the FEDERATION.

The Objectives of WEBAF Inc. are as follows:

  1. This Federation shall promote the interest of each members general welfare and benefits.
  2. To value the friendship and camaraderie among members and to promote fair justice to all.
  3. To avail any program initiated by the government.
  4. To acquire facilities for the use of the federation and its members.
  5. To promote the Filipino Martial Arts-Arnis Balintawak Style as cultural, martial arts and sports.
  6. To recognized Grandmaster, Masters in the field of Balintawak for a Hall of Fame every once of every two years.
  7. To organized scholarship program among members of Balintawak that are least fortunate but have good knowledge in education.
  8. To collaborate any program and activities initiated by Foundation, Privatized Organization and Religious group.
  9. To conduct different Arnis Tournament throughout the whole world.
  10. To conduct seminar, workshop, training activities for different institution or group.
  11. To accept any donations, support for Federation Activities and Programs.

The Eleven points of WEBAF Inc. Objectives shall be the challenge of all Balintawak people all over the world. The Adhoc Committee decided for contribute TWO THOUSAND PESOS (P2000.00) as capital of the association. The complete names, address, passport no., CTC No., and TIN No. as regular requirement of SEC. and finally, we agreed for annual Meeting every November 6 at 11. Gov. M. Cuenco, Ave. Cebu City, 6000 Philippines. We further approve the corporate seal:

and signed last December 5, 2009. Working very hard for the group texting, calls to Canada and waiting for the results of the names of the Club, Name of Head Address of the Club, Tel. No./Cellphone and email ad. Finally, I submit the SEC papers, after SEC people corrections last Dec. 16, 2009.

Dec. 22, 2009, Atty. Hermosisima was assigned for our WEBAF Inc. Application paper and the made a corrections on the same date I follow her corrections and return the papers immediately. I call her at 3:00 o’clock follow-up per instruction of the Guard in charge at the time. When she answered me on the phone, she told me to follow Dec. 28, 2009 because the second review lawyer was on leave. At 10 o’clock in the evening Gm. Bobby called-up, and making follow up of the papers because a lot of our Balintawak Group wants to signed the Application form for they are very interested and happy to hear this WEBAF Inc. Now, is our time for legality as FEDERATION of the World. I, Email to Gm. Bobby through EARTHLINK.NET for the reason of the delayed.

At 10:00AM of December 28, 2009. I make a follow-up again to the Security of Exchange Commission (SEC) and I found out that our papers is on final Approval by the Commissioner. But the Commission will come back on January 2010 so, they told me to come back or just make a follow-up through phone call.


World Eskrima Balintawak Arnis Federation Inc. aims for a higher learning in the field of Filipino Martial Arts-Arnis, willing to serve the citizens of the world to be a good leader in future.


The WEBAF Inc. responds to the needs of its members, community and a countrymen through the value of RESPECT, HONESTY and LOYALTY it focuses to a achieve excellence in various field of Martials Arts, Cultural and Sports.


Republic of the Philippines)


Cebu City )

BEFORE ME, a Notary Public in and for Cebu City Philippines, this 10th day of December 2009 personally appeared:

Name CTC No. / Passport No. Date & place Issued

1. Guillermo O. Taboada M054689 March 7, 2002- New Zealand

2. Nicomedes A. Elizar 09057369 Jan. 13, 2009- Cebu City

3. Maximo C. Caballes 21293259 April 15, 2009- Cebu City

4. Bernard A. Sepulveda 07592901 Jan. 5, 2009- Borbon, Cebu

5. Oliver Mag-uyon 09037740 Jan. 6, 2009- Cebu City

6. Teofilo V. Roma 12369590 Oct. 5, 2009- Mandaue City

7. Benjamin Jayma 21266741 June 5, 2009- Bulacao, Pardo Cebu City

All known to me and to me known to be the same persons who executed the foregoing Articles of Incorporation and they acknowledged to me that the same is their free and voluntary act and deed.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my notarial seal on the date and the place first above mention.

Doc. No. 37;

Page No. 09;

Book No. XXXIII;

Series of 2009.