11 Gov. M. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City 6000 Philippines

Tel. No. (032) 232-9295 * Cordless (032) 511-2985

CEO28092 SEC: Reg No. CN201025006




  1. Balintawak Ambassador are expected to represent WEBAF INC. for PEACE, RESPECT,HONESTY, LOYALTY and JUSTICE for all people and the country he/she is assigned.
  2. Balintawak Ambassador or BA can recommend to the WEBAF-INC BOARD of DIRECTORS to any known Balintawak practitioner to be his/her Commissioner for the Cities, Provinces, States, Institutions and or Barangay.
  3. 2.1. The Commissioner must be a practitioner of Balintawak Style, he/she can read, write and have at least 3 or more students in his/her club or group.

    2.2.The Commissioner must be free or any Criminals or Civil Convection of any crime before the appointment.

    2.3.The Commissioner must be an asset of WEBAF INC. rather a liability in nature, leader and can handle any arising problem.

    2.4.She/he needs to render report to BA and copy furnished the Board of Directors or to Gen. Secretary of WEBAF INC. for his/her activities, suggestion or ideas for the Betterments of WEBAF INC.

  4. BA can organize group of Balintawak Practitioners, Teach Balintawak Style, conduct seminars, workshop, training, recommend student for WEBAF INC. promotion “HALL of FAME” or RANKING.
  5. BA’s are responsible to all recommended Commissioners of his/her area of responsibility.
  6. 4.1 BA, he/she must be a Grandmaster or Master in Balintawak Style.

    4.2 BA can communicate thru reading, and writing and free from any Criminal and Civil Conviction of Crime from any State of Country.

    4.3  She/he must an ASSET to WEBAF INC.

  7. BA must render Annual Report to the WEBAF INC thru Gen. Secretary for the BOARD of Directors.
  8. 5.1. Yearly or Semi-Annual or Monthly Activities

    5.2. Any suggestion, ideas for the betterment of WEBAF INC.

    5.3. BA is entitled for any support for his/her activities from commissioners and from WEBAF INC.



  1. Commissioner must give full support to BALINTAWAK AMBASSADOR in his/her country. He/she must submit Annually report to his/her BA and share a copy furnished of the report to Gen. Secretary WEBAF INC.
  2. Commissioner is titled to organized Balintawak students, Clubs, teach Balintawak Style, Seminar, Workshop, and Training Programmed Activities.
  3. Commissioner may recommend Representative from its Club to BA, they will represent to their Club, WEBAF INC., for any Activities, seminars, workshop, sports program or Arnis tournament.
  4. 3.1. Representative is under the care of the Commissioner. He/she needs to render Annual Report to Commissioner and copy furnish the BA and Gen. Sec. of WEBAF INC.

    3.2. Representative must have free of any liability of criminal and civil violation and can read and write.

Note  :  BA, Commissioners and Representatives have the right to conduct any Activities that can develop the Balintawak Style for the good and betterment of quality students and can be a good leader in the future.


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